What Makes Our Katanas So Great?

We love all things Katana, and so do our customers. We’ve sold over 30,000 Mini Katanas in 2021 alone right here from Los Angeles, CA.

We Use the Highest-Quality Carbon Steel

Our high-quality katanas are crafted with 1045, 1060, or 1945 Carbon Steel. High Carbon Steels are very hard, making them able to withstand significant force.

High Customer Satisfaction

Whether you're looking for a cosplay accessory or a battle-ready katana, our products are made with extra care, detail, and attention. Not satisfied with your product? Return it in 30 days for a full refund. You can see our full Return and Refund Policy Here.

We're Nerds Too

We take great pride in the quality of your purchase because we're passionate about our products. We run our business because we're enthusiasts just like you.


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