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Shinobi Kunai Set
Paying homage to one of our favorite shows, Naruto, this set comes with a headband, ring, and full sized Kunai.  Are you ready to unleash your inner Ninja?
Single Sword Stand
A single sword stand to display your katana.
Katana Cleaning Kit
Hattori Hanzo cleaning kit.Japanese Choji Sword Oil and Cotton Cloth to keep your swords pristine. A must have for all serious sword collectors.
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Naruto Kunai
This full-sized Kunai from one of the world's most popular anime series, Naruto, is ready for you to learn the ways of the masters and display! Are you ready to unleash your inner Ninja? 
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Naruto Kunai V2
The Kunai (クナイ, Kunai), from the popular series Naruto, is a standard tool for every ninja to own, regardless of experience. Because of their versatility, small size, and fabric-wrapped handle, Kunais are designed for thrusting and stabbing.  This is an indispensable weapon for...
Double Sword Stand
A double sword stand to display your katanas.
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Single Wall Stand
(K-942501W) Katana Wall Stand Holds 1 Piece–great for displaying and showing off your coolest wares.
Practice Nunchucks
Love watching your favorite martial arts movies and always wish you could master the art of the nunchuck? Well, now you can! This beginner nunchuck was made for all the practicing martial artists out there looking to practice with a...
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