Medieval Swords

Discover a realm where history and craftsmanship converge with our exquisite collection of medieval swords. Each sword, a testament to the skilled hand that forged it, is crafted from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring a blade that’s not just visually stunning but also battle-ready.


What is a medieval sword?

A medieval sword is a type of weapon that was primarily used during the Middle Ages. It is characterized by its long, straight, double-edged blade, typically made from high carbon steel. The sword is forged by hand and includes a handle or hilt for the user to grip, often wrapped in leather for increased comfort and style.

How was the sword used during the medieval period?

During the medieval period, the sword was commonly used in battle. It was handed to knights and soldiers who favored it for its versatility in both slashing and thrusting. The hand-forged swords were considered symbols of nobility and power, making them key instruments in warfare and duels.

How is a medieval sword made?

A medieval sword is made using a carefully perfected technique of hand forging. This involves repeatedly heating and hammering high carbon steel until the desired shape and hardness are achieved. The blade is then polished and sharpened, with a handle and guard made and attached afterward.

What distinguishes a hand-forged sword?

A hand-forged sword is crafted without the use of industrial machinery. This handcrafting process gives the sword more strength and durability. Each blunt force shaping the metal works to tighten the steel's grain structure, removing any impurities and refining its quality. This makes each hand-forged sword unique.

What are battle-ready swords?

Battle ready swords are swords made in such a way that they could be used in a real battle. They are typically made from high carbon steel and are hand-forged to provide the necessary strength and durability. They often have accurate historical designs, just like the swords made by Mini Katana.

How do I care for my medieval sword?

Medieval swords should be regularly cleaned and oiled to prevent rust. The blade should be dry at all times. The leather on the handle can be maintained using leather-specific products. If storing for a long time, it should be done in a dry place away from humidity.